Through the classic archway entrance, that shares a wall with Chelsea Market, and in the late nineties modern sliding doors, I found myself in Morimoto. With its upscale New York City meets futuristic modern Jetsons vibe, I was teleported into another world and was extremely eager to experience every single part of it. Escorted down the stairs to their bar area, with ten of my food loving friends, we mingled and drowned ourselves in endless champagne while nibbling on the freshest tuna pizza, kakuni and hamachi ceviche canapés. Excited by these teaser bites, we made our way back up the staircase, around the bottle-like peg glass wall to our smooth communal wooden table that seemed to expand eternally.

When it seemed the night couldn’t get any better, with the swiftness of ease, we were enveloped by a staff that only an Iron Chef could curate. It's pretty much needless to say, but I will because of how excellent it was, the service was impeccable. They masterfully walked that line with the perfect balance between taking care of us without hovering, being personable and presenting the dishes in a manner that shows of each of their artistically unique characteristics.

Oh, we indulged in such a beautifully crafted menu. Each course paired with wine, I'm surprised I remember enough to write this feature. It was one of those drink so much wine kinda nights that you make throw stranger danger caution to the wind and make friends with strangers on the way home—shout to Butterball the Pomeranian who I played with for about ten minutes! I digress. Back to the incredible food. The Toro Tartare is an experience all on its own. Presented in a large metal bowl filled with ice a layer of minced tuna sits on a piece of glass and rests on an angle. Using a mini metal spackle-like utensil, we shaved off bitefuls that we then dipped in caviar and wasabi toppings and then savoured as it melted on our tongues. Right around that time is when the Soft Shell Crab was placed down on our table—my god! If Chef Morimoto knows anything, it's how to prepare crab! Ugh, just writing about it makes me salivate. Whether twice fried, broiled on the half shell or served alongside Japanese A5 wagu, every implementation is to die for by way of gluttonous coma.

Stay for dessert. Like everything else to touch the table, it's a show to be seen and experienced. Out came the Fiery Chocolate Tart. With a drizzle and a spark, it burst into bright blue flames before collapsing into itself revealing a marshmallowy interior—it's a concrete jungle self contained campfire s’mores experience and such a fun way to conclude an epic meal.

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