Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

Up the elevator that makes only one stop, propelling you like a rocket ship directly to the 65th floor, past three receptionist areas, I found the room at the end of the rainbow, you've heard of it, the Rainbow Room. With it's silver layered tablecloths, crystal chandeliers, live jazz band, unbeatable city views—the same ones you get when you pay to go to the Observation Deck—and rainbow lighting bouncing off of the ceiling, the space politely boasts a sophisticated Upper East Side elegance. So, yes, when you go, gents, skip the sneakers and jeans and put on those blazers and ladies, channel your inner Blair Waldorf and you'll be all set!

Sunday brunch is served off of a prix fixe menu. Know this, as with any rainbow, there is something special about this menu. Order as much as you want without the price going up—it's like it's rent stabilized (sorry, drinks do not fall into that deal)! Yes, that means, if you want the Lobster Benedict, Shrimp And Grits and the Fried Chicken with Bacon Sandwich, it's yours! Do get it all, every dish I ate was both crafted beautifully and super delicious.

As always, I definitely have a few recommendations that I would be sad for you if you went and missed. Theres the bacon chef's station where they hand carve bacon by the slice for you—I feel as though I need not say more about that one. Two more stations, the juice station with an amazing beet juice and the pastrami smoked salmon station where, if they don't have a shortage after the amount I ate, you should pile it sky high onto your plate. Off of the menu, you absolutely need the Lobster Benedict, Shrimp And Grits and Macaroni And Cheese With Short Ribs. That's right, I'm telling you to dress politely to mask your not-so-inner ravenous beast and truly enjoy every last bite of food put before you!

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