When you eat as much food as I do, it’s super exciting when you put the first bite of a dish into you mouth and utter the word “wow” before swallowing. Oh man, I’m so excited. This happened the second I bit into the Lobster brunch dish at Rebelle. The lobster quite literally melted on my tongue and reminded me how perfectly it can be prepared. Talk about heaven. Pair that with a mimosa whose orange juice had been squeezed a mere hour before I took my first sip and color me an extremely happy camper. FYI, their sommelier Kimberly mixes a killer Bloody Mary from a cart where you can choose from a traditional Bloody Mary, a Bloody Caesar or a Bloody Bull  and lots of delicious pickled vegetables for those savory brunch cocktail folks. 

Take a moment and look how photogenic their food is. Every single dish was more beautiful than the last. Maybe it was the aura of Fashion Week in the air, but I felt like each dish was modeling for me. The Egg Sandwich turned to the left, then the right *snap**snap* it’s gorgeous. The textures there blend all to perfectly. The brioche holds together just until your teeth sink into it. Then, just like the lobster, it melts just enough for your your teeth to discover all of the other textures—the runniness of the egg, the chard and the firm, though not too firm, duck sausage.  Incredible.

Out comes the next model, the Steak, the perfectly cooked steak with potatoes and a crispy fried egg. I’m officially convinced that this restaurant can do no wrong!

Finishing off brunch with dessert is always a good idea especially when they feature one that the recommend to be shared. Who doesn’t love ending a meal on the same page, raving over the same flavors and walking out the door with the same smile?

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