Root & Bone

Root And Bone

Chef Jeff McInnis and Chef Janine Booth came together to make Southern comfort food the way all comfort food should aspire to be at their restaurant Root & Bone. That's some frickin' high praise and I 100% stand by it. Every time I talk about this restaurant, I rave on and on like a grandparent kvelling about their grandchild’s talent show to any and all innocent bystanders.

Oh, they for sure know what they are doing in that exposed little kitchen of theirs. Walk on by it and take a peek inside, you’ll see. It's clear that it all starts with high quality, super fresh ingredients. But then the dishes themselves are above and beyond. Their fried chicken alone is rave-worthy. You see, its outside has that perfect golden color to it and as your teeth break through its perfectly crisp exterior you’ll already be “mmm-ing”, but wait, it gets even better as you reach that so on point juiciness inside—it’s fork lickin’ good ('cause we’re classy and use utensils like that). 

Root And Bone

Now, here's why I love them so much, as wonderful as it is, the chicken isn't the stand out star on the menu. In fact, there isn't one. Stay with me. Tune into The Lego Movie soundtrack and sing along with me, "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!" Their Mac And Cheese is one of my favorite interpretations to date—the cheese choices, the crumble [kisses all five fingertips at once] it’s perfecto! The biscuits are moist but firm, crumbly but solid, and the textbook color of what you would wish for when you're ordering biscuits—and mind you finding awesome biscuits in NYC for sure proves to be more difficult than expected. Pizza by the slice you can find on any random street corner in the city, a great southern biscuit is like finding the Holy Grail. Most of the ones I've found have tasted like an old crumbly flavorless brick that fell off the façade of a building and accidentally landed on the plate in front of me. I’m talking about if it doesn’t chip your tooth, it’s still not good enough to swallow. 

Waffles Benedict. Shrimp and Grits. Even the salads are addicting. Order it all with a bucket of canned rosé and you have the perfect breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. I for sure was making plans for my next visit before my meal was over. Bet you’ll do the same!

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