Shay And Ivy

Shay And Ivy

Shay & Ivy is working with the newly resurrected Henri Hotel to create an urban oasis of outdoor elements and progressive American cuisine in NYC’s Flat Iron area. In one of the hallways, with ivy slightly overlapping it, a purple neon sign reads ‘just be yourself, everyone else is taken.’ Dishes here allow for the ingredients to simply be themselves. The through line in the action at Shay & Ivy is embodied in dishes like pumpkin toast with goat cheese and honey or the black kale salad with salmon.

It’s ingredient focused food is brought to us by the same team as Atwood Kitchen + Bar with Chef BradWarner bringing crowd pleasing classics like tuna tartare to an elevated but unpretentious level. How does he do this? Dishes are focused on core ingredients and un-muddled with over preparation or complex recipes while being presented in an elegantly attentive couture fashion.

Coffee was a distinct consideration for Shay & Ivy in the pursuit of a menu that doesn’t cut corners on ingredients. The value add here comes from New Yorks own Kobrick Coffee roasters who have been perfecting their roast and personally sourcing their beans since 1920. This thematic of keeping it natural while still providing a stylized feel transitions from the plate to the walls which are interwoven with natural elements like raw wood and floral touches. The back dining area (aptly called “the Garden Room”) is like a vine covered veranda and it’s especially here where the ‘Ivy’ part of the name inspiration can be seen.

If looking for indulgence into something with a kick, there is a cocktail program created by Patrick Martin who came over from The National. Sassy names like “The Temper Tantrum” give way to easy to drink cocktails which can satisfy the desire for something spiked.

As a guy writer, I totally enjoyed the experience but definitely could envision seeing a ‘girls night out’ here. It would be easy for a group to take over an area in a styled but relaxed environment. The menu is purposely conducive to sharing with appetizers being separated into both a ‘communal’ section alongside a ‘personal’ section. Girls, or guys, need not be relegated to just the nighttime as the restaurant serves throughout the day.

Shay And Ivy

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