The Belgian Beer Cafe

I'll fully admit that I didn't have the highest of expectations for the Belgian Beer Cafe. For some reason, my brain decided that it would be old, boring and the food would be mediocre. I can't express how wrong I was. The food was top notch. I couldn’t be more excited to be so wrong. Did I mention I was wrong? So refreshing, it happens so infrequently, ya know? Hehe, toot! Toot!

Walking into a grandiose space and not at all the dark cramped pub I expected, I sat with a friend at a wooden table for two right up against the gigantic windows that line the entirety of the left wall when you enter the space. Out came nearly every item on their lunch menu, and each dish was better than the last. My two faves were the Mac And Cheese and get this, the Brussel Sprout Chicken Caesar—I know, a salad! I’m not the only one. The salad was first made for the owner’s mother. She fell in love with it and pushed to have it on the menu. One thing led to the next, and here I am saying that mama was right! Those charred shredded brussel sprouts really gave of exciting flavor and texture. I want it again right now.

There is definitely an interesting mix of dish types on this menu. From the Wild Striped Bass with spaghetti squash, porcini vinaigrette and cauliflower to the Grilled Ham and Cheese, you can almost too quickly go from fine dining to comfort food. Usually, I find these menus a bit skeptical wondering if the kitchen will be able to cover it all. In this case, they nail it!

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