The Red Cat

I recently had the best lady lunch date at The Red Cat. The second you walk in, you can't help but gaze down into this long narrow staple of the West Village. To the right is the bar and sitting happily at one of the two tables for four situated in the nook next to the large windows right before it and by the entrance, I found my friend. 

We ordered nearly every item on the seasonally focused lunch menu, each one sounding too delicious to pass up. I blame our amazing server for painting such rich pictures of each dish. She wasn't a pusher by any means rather a great talent for making dishes sound heavenly.

Perhaps it's not so much a talent when the food is actually as amazing as described. I'm seeing now that I'm writing it down that it's simply statement of fact. Every dish is unmissable from the Trout Salad that paired perfectly with the tangy citrus of the grapefruit supremes making each bite both refreshing and creamy in texture to the Farm Fresh Eggs that sat on top of shredded chicken mixed with crema in a tortilla soup that made me ravenously continue to stick my fork in in hopes that I would get more than my friend of this dish that we were sharing.

Save room for dessert because their Banana Sundae blew my mind. I was overly stuffed from ordering the whole menu but listened to the best server ever and got this dessert. I die. It's outrageous. Just get it, you'll see. 

I so can't wait to go back next season to explore the new and fresh dishes that Chef Mike Cooperman had given me a sneak preview of—unfortunately with just words, hence my strong need to go back.

Prop yourself up on one of the fifteen barstools that line the bar, order a cocktail and chill out for what promises to be an effortlessly fun meal. When lobster is on the menu, it's hard not to have a great time, when lobster is the menu, you know it's got to be the best night of the week! There is lobster in virtually every conceivable form, and they’re not stingy bastards about it. When you order the Lobster Ravioli, you will quickly see that it is stuffed solely with lobster—no BS fillers that muddy that rich and delicious lobstery flavor! It gets even better. There are innovative dishes like their Lobster Burger which is just like a traditional burger only instead of ground beef, they ground lobster—heaven, I know. Don't you worry, they have the classics, too. I'm talking lobster mac and cheese.

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