Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate

Typically, when I go to a coffee shop it's all about the coffee. With such a beautiful display case, cake stands and adorable colorful floral on black background plates (that I not-so-secretly want one of) I had to get a Toby's Estate Coffee pastry. Well, if not for that reason then for the fact that I forgot cash and needed to bump my bill above the five dollar mark.

Whether the romanticized way or the realist way, I heeded their recommendation and got a pistachio cookie. It was incredible! It's quickly become my new obsession. I went so far as to follow up on my my Instagram statement, "Obsessed with these little bites of pistachio heaven! I have to make my own version STAT!".

Let's get back on track here, the coffee. It's delicious. I'm all about iced coffee in the summer and their iced cold brew is simply perfect—it's not bitter; not overly rich, instead it's flavorful and easy to drink (which can become a problem for me with the credit card limit and the wanting refill after refill. Order two at once? Hmmm.)

The beauty that I'm finding with coffee shops these days is the environment that they create based on their branding. You go from the shabby chic vibe of a DTUT, to the down-to-earth yet put together industrial feel of Irving Farm and Ninth Street Espresso (review coming soon), to this polished posh beautiful coffee shop.

They've created a gorgeous escape from life on the corner of 21st and 5th. It's a whole other take on the shopping, eating, culture experience. I'll explain. You see, on that corner is on of my very favorite clothing stores Club Monaco. They renovated this location and have connected to an elegant strand bookstore which then directs you to Toby's Estate—if you're following the amazingly plotted flow of events, you have just shopped for gorgeous clothes, picked up an exciting book or even a great new coffee table read in the literature section and then are off  to refuel before your exit back into your day-to-day life (so incredible. Hopefully one day they'll house my future cookbook).

Beyond the structural environment that they have created, the social one is also wonderful. There you see, I've made a new friend (he is holding my old business card—I'm revamping them as we "speak"—I'm ashamed to say I never got his name. Ugh!) This is all to say that everyone I encountered there was incredibly fun and kind—the kind of people you want to surround yourself with for an afternoon coffee. I was trying to get one of them to sneak me one of those cute floral plates. That's what friends are for! (I think I may have to become a regular first before playing that card. Such a great problem to have!)