I recently went to a dinner party hosted by Tasting Table for it's tastemakers in the event space of Chef Michael White's restaurant Vaucluse. As with all of Chef Michael White's restaurants, the menu was exceptional. Seated at the head of an elegant communal table plated for roughly thirty guests, we drank wine and ordered everything. Out paraded a line of servers who circled the length of our table making sure to lay our plates at the exact same moment—my kind of meal!

Out came the Asperges Blanches (ahem, white asparagus) which I absolutely loved! The flavors were absolutely incredible. I'd go back to eat that combination of hollandaise, sunflower and smoked salmon that smothered the white asparagus any day of the week.

If you have ever uttered the words, "chicken is boring" you haven't had it prepared properly. This chicken breast is moist (if you hate that word, it's probably why you haven't had good chicken), with a perfectly seasoned skin and served with fingerling potatoes and olives. The saltiness of the olives pairs all too perfectly with the chicken.

Gluttonous that night, I also had the Mediterranean bass which was cooked to perfection. A crispy skin covering a tender flaky fillet sitting in a shrimp mousseline, the dish is fresh, clean with more than a touch of sophistication. Talk about the quintessential dish for pairing with your second or third glass of wine!

I didn't hear much about the White Label Burger, aside from it was amazing, because everyone who had it in front of them became silent as they demolished it. Talk about a good sign! 

Go for an occasion, go for a fancy weeknight out, just go! I can promise you, while eating you will find yourself planning reasons to go back, so start your what will be regular visits asap! 

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