The same playfully savvy mind that brought you Flip Sigi and Invite Only partnered with the awesome people behind The Late Late to bring us all a swanky new townhouse, one you need to be amongst the first to know, called Vnyl.

With a super trendy pick-up-and-go hallway of a coffee shop with minimal counter space that if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to leave you can take a seat at located right by the entrance, as you walk back the space opens up to a dark swanky lounge, aka the "Black Rose Room" with pin cushion booths and a long bar serving the elevated cocktails you'd expect from the menu at The Late Late, a second floor mezzanine, a third floor for VIP and the super elite VVIP section (ahem, “very VERY important person”) fourth floor—where, of course, I spent most of my time— outfitted with 1970's inspired palm tree wallpaper, couches and a bright happy SoCal vibe—there's totally a sex swing up there, fyi.

What I love is their bottle service concept—I never in a million years would expect myself to utter that phrase. Bottle service has forever made me cringe, it’s a combination of warm boxed juice served in a carafe that is shoved into ice that you, who are likely not a mixologist, are told to drunkenly mix with overpriced vodka. Then after doing the job of the bartender, who is still getting paid by the way, you are ending up with a nasty cocktail comprised of cold vodka and room temperature juice, that you paid a butt load extra for, you’re supposed to look proud of yourself because you are now able to hold fort at a table, aka a piece of furniture you likely own in the comfort of your own home. I feel like the person behind this is the same person who convinced us women that wearing bikinis to the beach covers more than our bra and underwear. I digress. The point is that their bottle service makes sense to me. A beautiful woman will push a bar cart to your table and mix you a cocktail of your choosing.  Simple and, yet, SO MUCH BETTER!

This sense of elevation is what you will see throughout your entire experience there. Doll up and go for a sexy elevated club night out!