Black Barn

Black Barn

More and more, I'm beginning to love chef driven restaurants. Black Barn is my new obsession and for so many reasons. Owner and executive chef John Doherty has created a metropolitan barn that has a ship in a bottle kind of feel only in this case it's a barn’s structural beams filling the inside of his restaurant. Outfitted with rooms for every occasion, some of which are so private that upon my first visit, I missed them, the space is massive. Have a private dining event at the communal table in their wine cellar, host your rehearsal dinner in the loft or explore the exclusive chef’s tasting menu (omakase style) that is reserved for those dining by the kitchen—best of all, do it all while sipping on incredible bottles of champagne, not prosecco because they don't carry that, champagne.

What's more exciting, is that with their new breakfast menu, you can pay a visit morning noon and night! Do understand, this is not a meal that was tossed together by a bitter chef gritting his teeth at the idea of a weekday breakfast menu while grumbling “isn't brunch enough” and leaves you with a boring Benedict and an uninspired breakfast bread. No, there is nothing generic here. “Inspired” is a far greater term for what Chef Doherty has crafted here—it’s an exceptional breakfasting experience that you can literally eat every day of the work week.

With an exceptional attention to detail, a clear passion and an unparalleled kindness—I’m talking creating developing special meal packages to be passed out in homeless shelters—you both note the beauty of each dish as it's placed down in front of you and taste the skill. My friends, he reimagined the homiest lack luster of dishes Ugly Duckling style into a beautiful swan. I'm talking about oatmeal here! I kid you not! Steel Cut Oatmeal Brûlée with strawberry coulis—I know, right?! My hero! Then there's my favorite, the epic Smoked Salmon Tartine with a poached egg. The bread is thick and delicious but soft to cut. When my knife broke into it, there was a little bit if a Titanic feel where both sides go up as the egg yolk poured in melding the flavors together, it's the epitome of synergy! Forget my favorite, it's the chef’s that you should know! Ahem, order both, you'll be extra happy! Chef Doherty is all about the House Made Pastrami Sandwich with cabbage slaw and a fried egg on a toasted bagel. I can't blame him, just watch this five second video I took and you'll understand (click here to watch).

There is literally no better way to start the day than doing it gluttonously! Now, you know where to do it!

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