Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed Bagels Bagel Roll

Forever, New York City has been known for it's amazing pizza and boastfully best bagels in the world (it's not cocky if it's true). Yes, there are new takes on these kinds of restaurants where you sit down and select items off of a tangible menu, but traditionally speaking bagels are found in tiny hole-in-the-wall shops where you place your order at a counter and watch your bagel get built in front of you. Black Seed Bagels, my friends, is a modern-day take on that classic shop.

With wood-fired baked bagels being freshly baked in the windowed shop entrance and innovative menu selections that incorporate items like Tobiko cream cheese and beet cured lox, bagel cravers can go the classic route of a bagel with a lox schmear or the trendier route of a signature bagel sandwich like the "House Beet Lox" made with horseradish cream cheese, radish and herbs that was developed by the creative minds behind the Black Seed Bagel menu. Innovators in the bagel game, they often put out new and exciting featured items. Most recently, they launched the "bagel roll" which has the aesthetic of a hero sub with the flavorings and texture of their awesome bagels. If you're like me, and stalk food on Instagram, you already know about their bagel roll and, yep, you surely know Black Seed Bagels for their killer pizza bagel. God, there are so many delicious options to have! So go and have a bit of it all! After all, that's what bagel shops are for.