Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane Soup

There are your classic grab and go coffee shops. There are some that are truly best observed that way cause, god, all of the caffeine in the world wouldn’t make staying there any more agreeable. Then there’s the place you should consider your mecca, the place where the coffee is so excellent that it can stand alone but you’d always rather sit down and enjoy it while people watching in a bright trendy setting with equally as delicious clean good eats at your disposal. That’s what Bluestone Lane is. It’s an experience. With tons of café locations, due to it’s killer coffee and Instagram friendly dishes, each one is always filled with foot traffic.

Coffee aside, this Australian Café is best known for its Avocado Smash (aka avocado toast) with tahini, heirloom cherry tomatoes, feta, sunflower sprouts. Honestly, I ordered the entire menu and there is not one weak dish. I truly loved both the red ratatouille and green chimichurri cast-iron skillet baked egg dishes. These are simple straight forward delicious dishes that you can eat for breakfast or lunch any day of the week. No fuss or muss. Just clean food served on simple dishes on a white slatted folding table. It feels effortless. So make it your no-brainer go-to café—ahem, mecca.

FYI, they don't take reservations, so head there before you're hangry!