Bye bye are the days of the stuffy buttoned up old steakhouse. It's time to welcome Cote to NYC's bustling food scene. Cote is restauranteur Simon Kim's vision of a New York meets Korean Steakhouse. This vision comes to life the second you walk in and see the iconic green painted benches that emulate those in Central Park sitting adjacent to a black and white marbled wall that links the well-trained eye to the textures found in meat. Cote, you see, is the New Yorker meat lover's heaven.

This is not the place to simply order your steak off of a menu and have it plated and placed down in front of you. No, this is a true culinary dining experience. Each table is outfitted with a Korean barbecue styled grill that is embedded into one of its sides. If you're brain just went to Benihana's, you're on the right track but think of their way way way classier and sexier Korean cousin. When you order a cut of meat, whether dry-aged or fresh, it's brought to your table and grilled to your liking directly in front of you by incredibly knowledgeable chefs. Ask them any questions and you will get a full and impactful story. 

Do make sure that when you are there that you order beyond what they coin the "butcher's feast" portion of the menu. Their Bimimbap, for instance, is awesome!

FYI, I hear they have an amazing meat locker that is shrouded by the glow of red lights. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to pop in before heading out from dinnerโ€”I'm so calling that my excuse to get back there as soon as possible. If you get the opportunity, check it out and tell me all about it!


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