Crave Fishbar


You had me at “high end seafood” but you keep me coming back with your trendy though, I will say, upscale vibes. I heart you Crave Fishbar


I must have visited Crave Fishbar at least ten times on my own time at this point and I'm all about it! Most recently, I visited to check out their brunch. Spoiler alert, it’s frickin’ awesome! The fact that they are an eco-conscious restaurant that uses seasonal and organic ingredients when possible aside makes me super happy. That said, it's their summer outdoor vibes that I'm still raving about. I mean, sitting outside in a trendy peach-pink chair with my cousin sipping Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters, come on, I straight up challenge you to come up with a better way to brunch for two on a summer weekend. 


What I loved most about this experience is the variety of menu items where there was not a weak link. Dishes like the crazy addictive Croissant Sticky Bun with whiskey vanilla bean icing, the Crab & Gruyere Omelette, the Breakfast Tacos, the Crave Breakfast Sandwich, and even the more lunch-y options like the Maine Lobster Salad and the Lobster Cavatelli and Cheese—there’s so much to explore! Such a win!


Go SEA(the)FOOD for yourself!