Edi & The Wolf

Edi And The Wolf

Aptly named after its Executive Chef Founders Eduard “Edi” Frauneder and Wolfgang “the Wolf” Ban, Edi & The Wolf is an incredible Austrian inspired wine tavern developed around the idea of bringing people together over a great feast.

The space is warm and cozy with a wooden communal table that runs down its center that leads to the bar area in the back. It’s rustic industrial aesthetic makes you feel like “winter is coming”, no matter what season you are in, and that you should be sitting with lots of friends along that communal table drinking from goblets and smashing them down with a joyous splash as you emphatically indulge in a feast—really, Jon Snow should be there. As you demolish dish after dish, if you’re like me, your overly full mind will begin to drift to the thought of retiring under a fur blanket by the warmth and sounds of a roaring fireplace. This goes far beyond setting that jovial cozy mood that German’s describe as “Gemütlichkeit”, this is about craftsmanship both in terms of decor with details like the forty-foot rope salvaged from an old church affixed with lamps that transform it into an industrial chandelier that hangs over the copper bar, and the food with Braised Short Ribs that sit on a carrot cardamom puree with chanterelle and spinach—talk about wow factor.

Sitting with Executive Chef Eduard “Edi” Frauneder, I explored dish after amazing dish. Each was equally as a indulgent, thoughtful and addictive as the last—though, what would I expect from a restaurant developed by two talented executive chefs. Honesty, there are a lot of restaurants that boast about how amazing their chicken is, and yes, they are really good, the Free Range Chicken Breast here is my current favorite—and, you know I eat out a lot so that says a ton! Then there’s the Ricotta Ravioli, god, I really wanted to taste one bite and keep room for the remaining dishes to come, nope, nope, with that one bite all self control went out of the bench lined window on my right. Seriously, again, wow! 

Now, I know Avenue C is a trek from nearly everyone who doesn’t live on it. That said, make your reservation on the upper right hand side of this article to ensure your table and make the trip, cause, yeah, it’s so worth it!

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