Egg Shop


Egg Shop, talk about a jam packed experience. No, literally, the space is very intimate with delicious food, so naturally, it’s almost always packed with people. Walking in you will find yourself standing directly at a white subway tiled tin topped bar with simple wooden framed shelves behind it to hold glassware and bottles of booze and patrons sitting on the white metal barstools enjoying their meals counter-side. Looking left, you will gaze past the mint and wooden chairs and tables, beyond the chalkboard affixed to the ceiling with notable menu items on it to see into the bustling kitchen where your food will soon be being prepared.

Known for their daily breakfast menu with a variety of different sandwiches, really any dishes that can stand as a vessel for their star ingredient, the egg. It’s poached, scrambled, fried, it’s everything you’ve wanted from an egg wrapped into one menu. Being that eggs are my very favorite food slash ingredient because they enhance almost every dish, I’ve loved Egg Shop for years, even back to before I wrote about food. They have a playfully creative menu that is always exciting to me—plus, a thoughtful breakfast on a weekday is always a win in my book!

The flavors of the poached egg running over the miso quinoa and pickled carrots in their health conscious Spandex Cruiser is exceptional. To be completely transparent, when I looked at it next to my Fish Out Of Water biscuit sandwich with scrambled eggs overflowing out of it, smoked salmon, and dill, I was underwhelmed much like a child looking at brussel sprouts thinking, “but why?”. Once my fork dug into the quinoa and I tasted the flavors, I was convinced that eating the healthy choice doesn’t always have to taste like it. It’s truly amazing! I’m by no means recommending it over their gluttonous breakfast sandwiches, but I ate almost all of it, so I am for sure telling you to get it, even if that means getting one more dish “for the table” and sharing it.

I still haven’t been by for their what’s lesser known—at least to me—dinner menu. Still highlighting the egg with dishes like Steak and Eggs or their Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, their dinner menu it looks like something I’m going to have to go back for. Till then, if you get there before me, please leave your recommendations in the comments section below! Can’t wait to hear what you think!