Spot Dessert Bar

“That hit the spot”. I can safely say I know what “that” they are talking about—it’s Spot Dessert Bar! A bar for desserts, talk about sheer brilliance! This is not your grab-and-go macaron craving fix—though, yes, they have those, too—no, this is about sophisticated desserts with an Asian flare that push the envelope both visually and flavorfully.

With desserts like their Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake that not only combine two of my favorite flavors but also has the perfect ooze, to their Purple Lemonade where in a very gastro way you actually pour the purple drank from a mini beaker over the underlying dessert, to their poke at fun Mango Ball designed to look like a Poké Ball from the trending Pokémon GO game and ever so popular cartoon and card game, they’ve touched on playful, dramatic, exciting, delicious, really, really, all of the marks.

So, if you’re constantly finding yourself going to that fancy restaurant and politely biding your time through the savory part of the meal so that you can indulge in high end unique desserts—STOP! You're wasting your precious time. Follow the dots to where X marks ths spot and go to Spot Dessert Bar! The fun is waiting for you!