It was absolutely the windiest days bringing the temp down to the negative degrees , you know, that kind of weather where you turtle into your parka and still feel yourself shaking. The second, and I mean literal second, I stepped into Tacombi, I was transported to a sunny beachside restaurant along the shores of Mexico. 

The white tiled restaurant with awesome typography projecting menu items like “cerveseria y taqueria” painted across, its walls to the authentic Mexican decals on the tops of their mix and match table tops, it's large windows emitting lots of light (which is great for foodies taking photos, ahem ahem), it's blue and orange large square tiled floors and exposed kitchen—I mean, there's no way you could possibly be in New York, but you so are. 

Out come the tacos, all looking completely different and unique in their own exciting ways. From the giant fried avant garde looking Crispy Fish Taco where one large piece of fried fish sits in the center of the soft homemade vista hermosa tortillas and then laden in poblano mayo, it's almost to pretty to eat. Yeah, it's a greasier choice, but it's prepared right so you won't leave with that soggy oily messy taste in your mouth. 

Then there's the shrimp tacos, also a must! Also served on the tortillas, these tacos have a completely different look to them. The chunks of shrimp, sitting on red cabbage and covered in chopped onion and cilantro, it was my favorite taco of the day. Pairing these taco with their fresh verde juice had me in my very own beach-y haven. A somewhat healthy feeling one at that!

I can't wait to go back! If you're making all of the right choices in life, I'll see you there!