The Penrose

The Penrose

With it's downtown meets Brooklyn shabby chic vibe, The Penrose is such aUpper East Side gastro bar. Don't be fooled, it feels like every single Upper Eastsider and their mother knows about this place because day or night, it is always the place to be. It has a super fun vibe but for most hours of the day, you have to be up for holding your cocktail like the statue of liberty holding her torch as you scootch to the other side of the bar. That said, an early brunch is relatively quite. You can totally test the waters then.

With a strong focused meat-centric brunch menu, I've bowed out in the past but recently, I caved thinking, "I'm only really going to be eating one dish any way, right?" Plus, that one dish is the "Eggs Benedict" with smoked trout—it was practically screaming my name. Not to mention, I alway think about how great their cocktails are. I'm so happy to see the Upper East Side getting great cocktail spots like The Penrose, The Gilroy, Seamstress and Bar Pleiades. 

It didn't disappoint. The trout benedict is awesome. The smokiness of the smoked trout paired with the perfectly coating creamy hollandaise makes for an excitingly flavorful dish. Paired with their iced coffee and a mimosa, brunching in my neighborhood was finally a real option!

Looking around, I knew everyone at my table shared in my same excitement with their meals as there wasn't a single morsel left on any of the plates. That, and everyone's limits on the "politeness factor" were really short. Practically as the dishes hit the table, there was an antsiness amongst everyone: "Shell, are you done taking the photos? Can we eat? Can we eat?"—yeah, that's what happens when the food looks good and smells great!

Check it out for an easy delish brunch with a trendy vibe!