Yours Truly

Yours Truly

The opening of what you know upon first sight is a new neighborhood gem coffee shop, is so exciting! Being friends with the founder and owner, allowed me to explore behind the scenes and get all of the pridefully told details that both went into the shop and and will be going into it.

This winter, I met Fabrizio and heard all about his plans for the coffee grinder clad SoHo based coffee shop that he was set to open this summer. Fast forward to April, and I'm walking into Yours Truly. So exciting!

Seeing his vision come to life is inspired. From the coffee themed boxed art gallery piece decorating his wall, to the pieces of wood he watched transform into a gorgeous dark stained bench, to each vintage grinders he was able to individually find and collect, to the vintage tiled ceiling, everything is falling into place.

Since I was there for the soft opening, I heard about a few yet details to come—that I must go back and see for myself! The signage on the window now reads "Yours Truly" in the center of a repetitive circle that says "coffee coffee coffee coffee". The door bears the number eight indicating the shop's address. There is what I can only picture as incredible piece of live wood coming in to line the left wall as a counter next to a small sink for customers to both get water and spill out some of their drink should they need space (that's right, it's the small things. At Yours Truly, you don't have to spill excess coffee into a trash bag to make space for extra sugar. How thoughtful)! The last little peek into the future that I can give you is that there is talk about ripping up the floors and exposing the vintage ground beneath. I for one am looking forward to it all!

From what I've gathered, Yours Truly is truly a coffee lover's dream shop! The chalkboard menu is intentionally kept simple so that you can walk down the length of the slim white washed exposed brick wall and natural wood benched shop to the vintage grinder-clad counter and order a perfectly crafted drink.

It gets even better, you see, the menu is kept simple for another reason, it's so you can order what you want, how you want it—you can build your drink! Become a regular and have it all the time. Don't worry, you don't have to know all of the naming conventions that we've gotten accustomed to being intimidated by, just tell the barista you want frothed milk and see where that takes you!

For the truly coffee obsessed, Yours Truly has a Mahlkonig EK43 which Fabrizio tells me is "the Lamborghini of coffee grinders"—it grinds the coffee evenly and to the perfect size to get the best most clean and delicious flavors.

If you need a bite with your coffee—no, scratch that—you'll need a bite with your coffee because they have doughnut from Dough, deliciously crafted sandwiches, Found water (so loving the Elderflower flavor) and other yummy day time eats!

Tell Fabrizio I say hi when you stop by!