Chocolate Chip Almond Energy Balls

Chocolate Chip Almond Energy Balls
Chocolate Chip Almond Energy Balls


I love energy balls. I keep buying them in cafés, so, I figured it was about time I made some of my own. What I love is they are so customizable. Once you get the premise of how to get them sticky enough (dried fruit, agave or honey, nut butter) to hold the drier ingredients (oats and nuts) together—they rest is up to your taste and mood. I have a strong feeling I’ll be making more and more balls in loads of flavors. I know, I can feel it, you are just as excited as I am!


Chocolate Chip Almond Energy Balls




PREP TIME: 10 minutes

REFRIGERATE TIME: 1 hour + more for storage (optional for extra firmness. I was able to eat mine directly after rolling them)

TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes


20 Balls


Rolled Oats (2 cups)

Almonds (1/2 cup)

Almond Butter (1/2 cup)

Dried California Figs (1 cup, chopped)

Agave (1/2 cup)

Ground Ginger (1 tsp)

Ground Cinnamon (1 tsp)

Pure Vanilla Extract (1/4 tsp)

Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels (3 tbsp)


Food Processor

Large Mixing Bowl

Rubber Spatula

Large Storage Container

1. TO MAKE YOUR ENERGY BALLS . in your food processor, blend down your oats until they become a flour consistency.

Add your almonds and pulse until they are broken down but not crumbled.

Add your almond butter, agave, figs, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla. Blend until you have a thick even mixture.

Transfer your mixture to your mixing bowl.

Fold in your chocolate morsels.

Use your hands to roll 1 inch sized balls.

Store your balls in your storage container.

Refrigerate what you don’t eat immediately.