Frozen Tim Tam Mint Julep

Fascinator hat perfectly affixed to your head, insanely well put together outfit on, horses running across your tv screen and you look around to see a room full of your awesome friends. It's a perfect picture the second you toss aside the traditional mint julep and replace it with this Frozen Tim Tam Mint Julep—it's a showstopper, nay (neigh) a horse race stopper.

It all begins with the incredible chocolaty, creamy, crunchy biscuits created by Ian Norris of Arnott’s aka Australia's largest producer of biscuits. When figuring out a name worthy enough of these game-changing biscuits, Ross Arnott fell in love with the name of the 84th Kentucky Derby's winning American Thoroughbred horse, Tim Tam. Tim Tam, the horse, had his victory in 1958 and again in 1964 when he won the biggest prize of all, being immortalized as a crazy delicious chocolatey biscuit! Talk about life goals.

It's now my turn to take the reins and teach you how to make this namesake cocktail worthy of sharing the Tim Tam name. In coming up with this recipe, I knew I had to make it magical. Not only did it have to be worthy of mixing up during the races, it had to celebrate the Tim Tam biscuits while honoring their namesake. Being that both are epic winners, this cocktail had to be, too. I WIN! It's incredible. Such a treat! You see, I mixed in chunks of Tim Tam Dark Mint biscuits into the cocktail for extra texture and a happy surprise. Your friends are going to go just as nuts over it as you are! Let the races begin!

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PREP TIME: 5 minutes


TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes


4 Cocktails



Dark Mint Tim Tam Biscuits (4)

Coarse Sea Salt (1 Tbsp)


Coarse Sea Salt (1 Tbsp)

Dark Chocolate (4.25 Oz)

White Sugar (1/2 Cup)

Fresh Mint (20 Leaves, Plus Extra On The Stem For Garnish)

Bourbon (4 Oz)

Ice Cubes (4 Cups)

Dark Mint Tim Tam Biscuits (8. 4 Chopped And The Other 4 Whole For Garnish)

Marshmallow Fluff



Cutting Board

Chefs Knife

Long Wooden Spoon

Butter Knife

1. TO MAKE YOUR TIM TAM SALTED RIM. in your blender pulse your 1 tbsp of salt and 4 Tim Tam biscuits until you have an even fine crumble—about 30 seconds.

Pour it on your small plate.

Use your butter knife to spread a thin line of your marshmallow fluff around the rim of the glasses you plan to serve your cocktails out of.

Roll that marshmallow fluff in your salted Tim Tam biscuits mixture on your plate (like glue and glitter).

Refrigerate your rimmed glasses until you are ready to pour your cocktails.


2. TO MAKE YOUR TIM TAM MINT JULEP. in your blender, combine your salt, sugar, dark chocolate, mint leaves, bourbon and ice.

Blend until you have an even smoothie-like texture.

Using your wooden spoon, fold your chopped Tim Tam biscuits into your Frozen Mint Julep.

Pour your Tim Tam Mint Julep into your Salted Tim Tam biscuit rimmed glasses.

Stick a whole Tim Tam biscuit and a sprig of mint into each of your cocktails and serve.