Leftover Hot Dog Bun Ricotta Black Berry Crostini

Leftover Hot Dog Bun Ricotta Black Berry Crostini
Leftover Hot Dog Bun Ricotta Black Berry Crostini

Buns I'd steal...

and did.

Every year there is this great event in NYC at the famed Jacob Javitz Center (where all those car shows are) for food called "The Fancy Food Show". This year, I was hired by the amazing people behind one of my favorite products called Caulipower. You see, I used their Three Cheese Pizza as a base for a creation of my own (click here see a picture of it on Instagram) and demoed it at their booth.


Directly after my demo, I packed up my extra ingredients, hopped into a car and headed over to a friend's BBQ. So as not to leave my delicious ingredients roasting in a hot car on a 90+ degree day, I stashed them in her fridge. Four hours into the BBQ, I noticed that no one was really digging the hot dogs. So, I offered my services to reinvent the bag of hot dog buns with my leftover ingredients. Some say, "PURE MAGIC" others say "STROKE OF GENIUS". I say, "MAKE THEM, STAT"!


Leftover Hot Dog Bun Ricotta Black Berry Crostini




PREP TIME: 5 minutes

BAKE TIME: 10 minutes, divided

TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes


10 Servings


Hot Dog Buns (5, cut in half completely)

Olive Oil

Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese (8 oz)



Fresh Rosemary (2 sprigs, finely chopped)

Fresh Sage (10 leaves, finely chopped)

Fresh Mint (10 leaves finely chopped)

Blackberries (20, cut into thirds)

Marcona Almonds (50, halved)

Clover Honey


Cutting Board

Chef's Knife

Baking Sheet (2)

Butter Knife

1. TO PREP YOUR INGREDIENTS. preheat your oven to 425º.


Lay your hot dog bun halves on one of your baking sheets.


Lightly drizzle your olive oil over each bun.


Set aside.


Spread your Marcona almond halves flat (not on top of each other) onto your second baking sheet.


Put both of your baking sheets (the one with the buns and the Marcona almonds) into the oven.


Bake for 3 minutes. 



2. TO DECORATE YOUR HOT DOG BUN CROSTINI. using your butter knife, spread your ricotta evenly over the cut side of your toasted hot dog buns.


Season your ricotta with salt and pepper.


Sprinkle on your chopped rosemary, sage, and mint.


Place on your blackberry slices (about 6 or 7 slices per bun making sure to leave some space for your Marcona almonds).


Fill the spaces between your blackberries with your toasted Marcona almond halves.


Bake for 4 minutes.


Lightly drizzle with your clover honey.