Black Tap

You know them for their cray cray over-the-top cotton candy, lollipop clad milkshakes but if you’re going to stand in line for two hours, if you ask me, you absolutely must order every single dish on the entire Black Tap menu! When you do, please, do me a favor, don’t overlook the turkey burger. I promise you, it’s not your dry average run-of-the-mill option that you’ll only find people with dietary restrictions eating. It’s the best turkey burger I’ve had to date. I’m obsessed with it! I’ve claimed a seat at their eighteen chaired wooden counter, way before their milkshake insta-fame explosion, back when there was no line, demolishing that burger time and time again.

There’s something about the flavor combinations both inside of the patty and coating it. The avocado blend, the cheese, the truffle mayo, I always add a fried egg, ugh, it all comes together. It so works! The second I finish it, my brain begins making calculations trying to figure out my next and earliest availability to get back for another round.

Also, obsessed with the brussel sprouts. I love that at a certain age, they go from face-scrunching gross to “brussel sprouts are my fave”. Well, these are killer. If you’re looking to be healthy—stop, just stop, turn around and walk out of this restaurant. I suppose brussel sprouts are a healthier side than fries, plus they’re bomb. Though, if you’re like me, you’ll get the fries, onion rings and then add on the brussel sprouts to convince yourself that the rest never happened and you’ve made an effort to eat the color green. May I request the creation of a green milkshake?

A special shout out to my girl Brittany for creating the famous Black Tap milkshakes—such a master mind! Make sure to say hi to her when you’re there.