Italian food doesn't often impress me. I mean it's a lot of pasta and sauce combinations, what's to get excited about? Scarpetta has forever changed my stand on this. I

'm not here to rave about some over-the-top innovative dishes, no, I’m obsessing over the dish I've grown up eating oh-so-wrong my entire life and have now come to appreciate as the masterful dish it should have always been—Spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil. 

You won't understand until you have it for yourself. Then, in that first bite, your eyes will widen and all of the tables, wooden beam clad ceiling that crosses a massive skylight window, the dimly lit room filled with sophisticated people, it’ll all fade away. Your tunnel vision will immediately hone in on your dinner date and with a full mouth you will motion with your fork to your plate. They will taste it too, and now your lives, like mine, have both forever been changed. Suddenly, you understand what all the fuss about pasta is really all about. 

This pasta is handmade every morning and served every night. The freshness of these ingredients is what makes the dish. When you bite into it, the once simple dish put in front of you had become highly complex. In each bite you the notes that make each ingredient special will wash all over your mouth—it's both surprising and exciting! 

Now that my ode to spaghetti has been sung, it's all about the other pastas. From the Tagliatelle to the Short Rib & Bone Marrow Agnolotti, every dish that your fork goes into will lead you to another heavenly cooked to perfection bite.

Go and enjoy! You are one step closer to having life changing pasta rock your world and blow your mind!

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