Blue Stripes (Cacao Shop)

Blue Stripes (Cacao Shop)

I'll take you to the cacao shop
I'll let you drink the chocolate cup

If you know of the gimmicky Max Brenner restaurant/chocolate factory that feels like Disney World has an extension of itself in Union Square and are not super into it, I feel you! No hate, the chocolate is great but the vibes and I aren’t all that in sync. That said, where are we chocolate lovers to go? Like, don’t you wish there was a more adult focused sophisticated take on this kind of place. Just toss aside the over-the-top kid themed joint and it’s thematic decor and really just focus on the chocolate in a unique and exciting way! Well, I can’t speak for him BUT I’m assuming by the the big change, founder Oded Brenner opened up the chocolate shop we’ve all been dreaming about because he felt similarly. Allow me to formally introduce you to the shop that will satiate your most decadent cravings (as well as some healthier ones, but we’ll get to that). Say heyyyyy to Blue Stripes (Cacao Shop).


Who said you can’t be both sophisticated and fun?!

It’s a lab, A CACAO LAB! A lab where Oded plays master scientist and uses every part of the cacao pod—juices, flesh, and all—to create dishes that are both overtly chocolaty like his three flavors of drinkable chocolate mousse on “cloud” tap to the creations that will make you say “um, wait, there’s cacao in there?” like in his Cacao Bowls. The range is magical! And, the textures are crazy. That is to say, each dish is a work of art both visually and texturally. Every mouthful is exciting and depending on the dish either extremely rich and decadent or vibrant and intricate. Leave your calorie counting at the door, and really dive into this one, I promise you, every bite is worth it!