Breads Bakery

Breads Bakery



Breads Bakery has become a major staple in my life. They’re babka is made with healing swirls of chocolate and Nutella. It's pure decadent insanity! Be advised, no one has ever taken one bite and stopped (I made that fact up but I one hundred percent believe it to be true). I want to say that I'm ashamed to say this, but really, I'm super duper proud, I mindlessly ate a whole loaf once. It was just there and then the next minute, I looked down and it had disappeared, I may have blacked out for a second, who knows, but all I remember is ripping through the chocolate swirls like a young lion catching it's first zebra—first bite, “um what, something this delicious exists? [aggressively demolishes it] wait, where'd it go?” 

Sometimes, I feel like an addict when I've gone too long without a visit to Breads Bakery—itching, scratching and all. Having known the people behind the breads for almost three years now, a mutual love and respect has developed—it’s like we’re family. Though, what Jew on this planet meets another Jew and doesn't play the how are we linked game “what was your great bubby on your dad's sides name?” And, like any Jewish family meal, I always leave overly full, five pounds heavier with a smile on my face.

 If you're not familiar with Breads Bakery, you hands down must fix that STAT! They made it easier for you and recently opened up a new location in the Lincoln Center area (1890 Broadway, NYC 10023). If it's not obvious, they're breads are amazing! All made on-site, they have an unbeatable freshness. I should know, I spent an afternoon in the kitchen a few years ago making the most incredible challah with their amazing chef Uri Scheft. Grab a sandwich on their famous breads for lunch! Ooh, well what do you know, due to my obsession, I already have a guide to them, yes, the sandwiches, so now you visually peruse through them before you go (check it out, here)! My personal fave is the lox sandwich! Grab a coffee, eat a rugelach, pick up a cake, there is always a need to visit! Goodness, if you are ever hosting a dinner and need amazing sides, they've got you covered there, too!