The Skylark

The Skylark

When I look back on it, I keep forgetting that I was smack dab in the heart of midtown. The sensation of pushing through herds of tourists blindly exploring the city in hot sweaty packs immediately dissipated as I found my way through a blindingly dark hallway and up an elevator that opened to a stunning naturally lit cocktail lounge. A sort of upscale nest high above the city, outfitted with classically designed spaces that are available on multiple levels, a very chic pool table that I see my future self hanging out by and an open air rooftop with the most breathtaking panoramic city views, The Skylark is high up on my list of places you must visit. 

Sitting back on the black cushioned outdoor couches, I gazed around the space taking it all in. That’s when I realized, that amongst the suit and tie crowd, Spike Lee, dressed head to toe in his signature Knicks swag, was sitting directly across from me, in that moment, I knew if this space was good enough for his New York experience it was surely good enough for mine.

That’s about the time my girlfriend Molly Tavoletti walked on in and joined me. We perused the menu deciding that it would be faster and easier to tell our server which small bites we didn't’ want than what we did. Part of her must have thought we were kidding until nearly the whole menu appeared on the table in front of us. Other guests graciously offered to help us eat it—clearly, they had no idea who we were because all we left behind were crumpled napkins and crumbs. The food was wonderful. Some bites were better than others but as always, I believe that to be personal preference. So, I’ll go ahead and tell you my faves so you at the very least know where to start when you go.

I have a huge obsession with lobster rolls which is really funny because about eighty percent of the time, I am thoroughly disappointed with the ones I get, curse to myself, and then channel my inner grandpa and cantankerously mumble something about saving my money and going to get my favorite roll at Luke’s Lobster. To be honest, we didn't even order them but by happy accident, as tends to happen when you order a massive amount of food, and, yet out they came! Oh, they were exceptional! Bite sized, not overly mayo-y and an amazing bread, they're rich in flavor and texture, you'll know soon enough and you'll be way happy about it! You also absolutely need to get the Shrimp & Corn Beignets! Served with a honey to dip, nay, coat them in these dinner bites wowed us! Ok, ok, last one you absolutely hands down need to get is the General Tsao’ Crispy Cauliflower! Oh my god, it reminds me of my gluttonous visit to David Burke Fabrick if you've had it there, this dish is very very similar perhaps with a touch more spice but also supremely awesome!

Go, sit back, explore the cocktail menu and indulge in a dinner comprised of lots and lots of small bites!

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