Empellon Taqueria

Empellon Taqueria

With all of the great places to get tacos in the city, it's truly a beautiful thing that Taco Tuesday happens every week! This week, I finally found my way to super cool rooster mural clad wall at Chef Alex Stupak's Empellon Taqueria. Walking up it's terracotta step and through the doors and left of the giant centrally located bar, I joined one of my girlfriends at a table for two and immediately ordered an iced coffee (that last part you probably didn't need to know but it was super crucial at the time. And, now you know for sure that they have coffee. Win!).

What a fun taqueria! With the mindset, and website, that states "most ingredients become instantly more appealing by being placed atop a well-made tortilla" how can you not eagerly plan a visit. We ordered a ton off of their new prix-fixe lunch menu. I know it's not a taco but my favorite dish that you hands down absolutely must order is the Octopus With Parsnip appetizer. The octopus is cut into thin perfectly prepared slices and then coated with this incredible salsa that gives it a great flavor and then topped with pumpkin seeds giving a wonderful textural balance. I will literally be furious if I find out that you went and didn't order it. Much like I would be if you passed on the guacamole, I mean, why go for Mexican food and skip the guacamole? That would be like going for brunch and skimping on the mimosa—preposterous!

That tacos, the namesake of this restaurant and likely the reason you chose to read this article are great! Aesthetically, there isn't a ton to talk about. Back to what the quote from the website, it's much about the combinations of ingredients that excited me. The lobster mixed with sweet corn and the Mexican tea epazote made me extremely happy. Going in for that first bite, I intended to put the taco back down and avoid going into beast mode, nope no such luck, it was immediately demolished.

You so deserve a lunch break. So, go and treat yourself! After all, it is our weekly Taco Tuesday holiday. You must celebrate!

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