Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive

With the long marble bar spanning half of the length of the restaurant, it’s about time I made it Fig & Olive for their happy hour! While owning several locations both in and out of NYC, the Upper East Side location is more boutique and neighborhoody than the others. When you walk in, you will note the library of olive oil bottled that line their walls that both showcase their variety of flavors that you can purchase while also give off that vibe that you are dining in a wine cellar—albeit, a far better naturally lit wine cellar. On that note, it's so time for a glass of Cava.

Known for their crostini flight, I highly recommend that you pair your cava with all of them! I love a good flavor tour! Beyond being super delicious, sharing each crostini and each of you giving your thoughts makes for a really fun moment on a date. Smelly breath be damned! Goat cheese topped with a pile of caramelized onions is hands down my fave.

Definitely explore the rest of the happy hour menu. With dishes like the Burrata & Asparagus, F&O Sliders and my new obsession the Truffle Mushroom Croquettes, there is lots of deliciousness to be had. I can pretend all I want that it wasn't a contest, and truly,when the dishes were placed on the table, it wasn't, but my god, with their crisp exterior, hot creamy mushroom centers and a rich truffle oil aroma, the Truffle Mushroom Croquettes hands down won the game, set and match! The moment my teeth sunk into one my mind immediately jumped to beast mode. Do I share these so we can talk about how amazing they are? Or, do I greedily play defense and hoard them all to myself? I eat a lot and often, so putting on my best Stepford Wife smile, I shared. Seeing my joy echoed in his bites made it all worth it, kinda.

Fig & Olive Happy Hour Deets

Aperitivo is available from Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 7pm at the bar and lounge

Small bites range from $5-$12

Wine, beer and speciality cocktails $6-$8

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