Flip Sigi

Filipino chef Jordan Adino, you may recognize him from his appearances on Food Network, E! and a few of the morning shows, has opened up and runs the graffiti clad Flip Sigi fast casual eatery in the West Village. With ten barstools situated around the bar and by the window, this hole-in-the-wall is a fun quick bite or a great grab-and-go lunch spot!

With playfully named menu items like Hot Fili Chick, Nice Buns, Poke Me and Plan B-Rito, that for an extra kick you can douse in one of the three numbered hot sauces that I’m told, “gets hotter and sexier as you go”, Chef Jordan Adino has created a really chill light hearted vibe—the city friendly floral Hawaiian button down tees sure do help that vibe (yes, I want one!). Taking what he calls traditional Filipino dishes and melding them with easy Mexican vessels, his aim to to make Filipino food hand-held and accessible for New Yorkers.

When you go, sit at the metal topped black and white tiled bar, take a selfie with the dope truck and pink stag graffiti art behind you (tag me in it cause I so want to see), grab some of their killer lemonade, get their poke with a side of their chicken sandwiches or pork buns or both and enjoy! Make sure to say hi to Jordan for me!