La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca

The few blocks that directly surround NYC’s flower district are a hot mess in desperate need for a makeover—no amount of flowers can mask the amount of lazy loiterers leaning up against any and every wall or scaffold they can comfortably rest their butts on. Flowers, no. But, restaurants, restaurants are slowly but surely popping up and reinventing the neighborhood. It's exciting to watch. Amongst these exciting eateries is the beautiful La Pecora Bianca. 

From the outside, you will find yourself glancing through their large windows. Once inside, you will see the ample light that floods into the space adding to its vibrant and clean aesthetic. On your left, a rolling ladder clad bookshelf showcasing amazing cookbooks sits catty corner to the coffee bar where you can grab sandwiches for the road if you say work in the area. Then there are the wooden tables outfitted with light minty green wooden chairs where I sat with a great group of friends.

After visiting three times now, I've sampled the full menu. There is so much to love. The salads are exceptional, I'd go there for their farro salad alone. There are seafood and meat dishes but the true stars of the meal are the pastas! Friends, that wild mushroom lasagna is a must! That said, order them all, or make multiple visits of your own because if you're craving pasta, this is the perfect place for you!

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