Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

You already know them for their amazing coffee, now you can visit them at their new location on the Upper East Side! Irving Farm Coffee Roasters finally filled a void in my heart and opened up a location in my hood! You have no idea, I've been excited since I first passed by the robin's egg blue conduction facade bearing their logo and the words “Opening This Spring” covering what would be my new home away from home.

The space is gorgeous! With its black iron framed windowed doors that open up to a stroller friendly hexagonal tiled ramp, wooden planked floors, two person tables, wooden topped black iron legged bar stools that line the black counter that runs along the store front’s floor-to-ceiling windows, the exposed brick walls that were whitewashed on one side of the shop and the more natural brick color on the other, the multi-rod light fixtures over the counter, the addition of always fresh flowers, the details of this location are absolutely remarkable.

As with any coffee lover, I always appreciate a well catered selection of pastries to grab and go with that day's beverage of choice. There is so much more to be enjoyed here. Irving farm has their own kitchen! Yes, you still get the amazing pastries but you can also get an awesome breakfast sandwich with sizzling hot bacon. 

To my friends in the neighborhood, I look forward to seeing you there! To my friends out of the neighborhood, now there is no longer an excuse, you come to me for our next coffee date!