Left Bank

Left Bank

I absolutely loved the brunch at Left Bank. It’s such a cute place. Occupying the corner of Perry Street, gives them lots of window space that lets in a great amount of natural light with perfect views for people watching along the cobblestone streets. Sitting there with a girl friend, I looked up to take in the space. Aside from a whitewashed brick accent wall, the decor is pretty dark. With a deep grey ceiling and walls, dark brown tables with dark metal and wooden chairs, I’m surprised by just how bright the space felt from the natural light.

Once the food started coming out, my attention was immediately refocussed. The Smoked Salmon And Whitefish dish that was served over a latke made the Jew in me kvell. I could feel the excitement raging out of me while I told myself to slow down and not to dive in too quickly because photos needed to be taken. The eggs were poached to perfection, and the sheer amount of fish folding over the latke in waves showed me that this was not a restaurant that skimps. While taking my photos, a few more dishes made their way out. The Brioche French Toast with Prune Butter, wasn’t much to look at. Being that it’s brown on brown, I wasn’t terribly excited to dig into it, but when I did, I couldn’t stop myself. It’s some of the best french toast I’ve had to date. Texturally, the edges are lightly charred giving it a nice crunch while the melts down on your tongue. The prune butter, is rich and so exciting. I so wish they sold it by the jar full because it would so be my next addiction. At some moment, I looked over to see my girl friend having a zen moment with the burger. She said it best when she said “it’s one to rave over”.

Let’s not forget the cocktails—not that you would, it’s brunch and brunch can’t be brunch without great booze—they are mixed in such a synergistic way. None of the flavors seemed to pop but the drinks overall had one unique flavor. Do what we did and order it all, cause it’s all rave worthy! That said if you’re like “Michelle, I can’t go beast mode like that” I forgive you and am telling you that you need the Smoked Salmon And Whitefish dish and the French Toast. If you skip those, I will jump through this screen and get you!

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