Sant Ambroeus

Sant Ambroeus

A coffee shop at it’s core, Sant Ambroeus opened up its doors in Milan in 1936 and has been opening locations in New York City ever since. Originally known for it’s incredible pastries and coffee, when it comes to Sant Ambroeus, there is so much more to explore!

Sant Ambroeus

You’ve heard the phrase, “feed the models” well, this is the model’s watering hole. It has it’s perks, like it’s great for people watching and provides proof that models do in fact eat. At the same time, it’s incredibly humbling. Unless you are a model reading this, it is hard to walk in and feel like the prettiest person in the room—but it’s awesome for people watching!

Each location has that Italian essence with their signature peach, gold and forrest green color scheme. The Upper East Side has a straight forward unembellished decor while the SoHo location, has that same feel with trendy details woven into the structure. There is a wall adorned with handprinted plates and a couple of neon lights in fun fonts illuminating  the bar-back that gives it a trendier feel that reflects the neighborhood.

The real takeaway here is that their pasta is incredible, so stop identifying them as solely a coffee shop! They have amazing appetizers—their Salmon and Tuna Tartares are so a must! They have that perfect amount of saltiness that makes you crave another bite while you’re still chewing the one in your mouth. The panini’s are bomb. They have breakfast and—wait for it—remember that they are known for their pastries and imagine how insanely good their desserts must be—they’re even better than that!

Go for the food, stay for the scene!

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