Sadelle’s brings the idea of “grabbing a bagel” to a whole new level. This is not that grab-and-go vibe we New Yorkers have become so accustomed to as we stuff our hunger-driven fists into that hot brown paper bag and rip into the extra everything bagel we bought just for “nibbling at”—ahem, my definition of “nibbling” in this case is: savagely ripping to shreds and demolishing it in a blind fit of morning hunger. No, this is an elegant bagel-ing experience. I equate it to the difference between a grab-and-go coffee shop that does’ have seating where you grab your morning cup en route to the office versus a sit-down cafe that you’d invite a friend to, sip coffee and order some bites from a charming barista.

When you walk in, you are greeted by a hostess stand. To the right of you is a bar-like counter where you can get bagels to go and then in front of you is a refined tea-time styled wooden walled white marble table topped dining room. Servers wear collared shirts and dress pants which isn’t terribly out of the norm until your remember you’re in a bagel shop. Also, remember that I said this was a bagel-ing experience. What I meant was that it has a DIY feel to it. The bagels are brought out stacked on a wooden rod adhered to a base (much like those vertical paper towel holders). Separately, are the fixings you would need to make your dream bagel—I added cream cheese, lox, cucumber, and capers to mine. 


Known for its bagels, the menu expands beyond them and incorporates both sweet and savory items. Out came tea-time three tiered towers that instead of holding little sandwiches with the crusts cut off had a level for scrambled eggs with chives, another level for crispy bacon and the last for sliced halves of avocado. It feels like a dining experience when you are sitting in the space. Out came blueberry pancakes and blintzes. And, never ever did my coffee cup find itself empty—which is perhaps the number one reason I had such a wonderful experience.


Bring a friend you love and want to chat with for at least an hour or so because you are going to want to spend the whole afternoon there!