Zucker's Bagels And Smoked Fish

What's there to say? I don't know it all and not knowing about Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish until two weeks ago was really embarrassing for me. I blame it being so far downtown from me that it may as well be on another planet. That said, I found a much needed wormhole (aka. The 6 train) and made my way on over. Friends, while in writing this I question if I should become a travel blogger, I'm telling you, this is a bagel shop worth traveling for.

With its hand rolled bagels, inspired schmear and topping combinations and eagerness to keep their menu exciting with guest celebrity chef input, I’m officially a big fan of this hole-in-the-wall classic styled bagel shop. As a born and raised New Yorker, I can clearly see that desire that one of my own possesses in this place. Founder Matt Pomerantz has found that balance between a desire to maintain tradition while always keeping one eye open towards pushing the envelope forward before anyone else does.i f naming his shop after his mother's maiden name doesn't showcase that idea poetically enough, you'll see it the second you walk into the no frills space that lets the bagels stand out as the space’s shining star!