Roasted Beets With Basil And Mint

Roasted Beets With Basil And Mint

Don’t beet about it, eat about it.

Love an easy beet dish that can be served both hot and cold. Sutton (my at this point 9-month-old son) and I demolished this second day, cold right out of a Tupperware container while I stood holding him in one arm in the kitchen. Yeah, not quite proper sit-down dining but one test bite turning into an “if you don’t make sure that I always have a piece of beet in my mouth I’m going to yell at you” experience. I guess that means it good—HA!


Roasted Beets With Basil And Mint




PREP TIME: 5 Minutes

BAKE TIME: 40 Minutes

COOL TIME: 20 Minutes

TOTAL TIME: 1 Hour and 5 Minutes


Servings 4


Beets (4, thoroughly washed)

Cashews (15, roughly chopped)

Mint (5 large leaves, ripped)

Basil (5 large leaves, ripped)

Ginger powder (1/2 tsp)


Baking Sheet

Tin Foil

Paper Towel

Medium Mixing Bowl (2)

Chefs Knife

Cutting Board

Rubber Spatula

1. TO ROAST AND SKIN YOUR BEETS .  preheat your oven to 400º.

Thoroughly wash your beets and then individually wrap them in tin foil.

Place them on your baking sheet.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Pro-Tip. To test if your beets are ready, stick a steak knife through the foil and into each beet. If the knife easily sinks deeply into it it’s ready.

Let your beets cool for at least 20 minutes.

One by one, over your sink, unwrap your beets. Turn on cold water and let it run over your beet as you use the broad side of your thumb to easily work the skin off of it. Put your now skinned beet into your mixing bowl until all of your beets are skinned.

Use your paper towel to dry each beet individually.

2. TO MAKE YOUR BEET DISH. on your cutting board, cut your beets into inch sized pieces.

Pro-Tip. Cut your beet in half first and then put it cut side down before continuing to cut. This will keep your beet from slipping all over the place.

Put your cut beets into your second mixing bowl.

Use your rubber spatula to fold in your basil, mint, cashews, and ginger powder (optional: salt and pepper to taste)