Fig And Ricotta Toast

Fig And Ricotta Toast

This colorful toast is one of my absolute favorite dishes to have on the table in a brunch spread, there's something about it that takes it to the next level.


PREP TIME: 10 Minutes BAKING TIME: 5 Minutes TOTAL TIME: 15 Minutes


1-2 Servings


9 Grain Bread (1 loaf, unsliced-you'll only need one slice)

Olive Oil Ricotta (5 oz) Mission Figs (5-7, sliced) Small Red Seedless Grapes (10, sliced) Fresh Thyme Leaves (4 Sprigs) Pumpkin Seeds Chili Honey Salt


Cutting Board Bread Knife Chefs Knife Baking Sheet Butter Knife

TO MAKE YOUR TOAST.  preheat your oven to 425º.

Slice your bread in 1 inch thick pieces lengthwise (not up and down like a sandwich but across so you have long pieces).

Lay a slice of your bread on your baking sheet and sprinkle a light coat of your olive oil over it.

Bake until toasted—about 4 minutes.

Let cool to room temperature.

TO DECORATE YOUR TOAST. use your butter knife to spread your ricotta over your toast.

Season with salt.

Lay your fig slices onto your ricotta in rows of three.

Place your grape slices in between each fig slice.

Sprinkle on your thyme and pumpkin seeds.

Drizzle on your chili honey. 

Cut your toast into quarters.